Entertaining Wedding Guests

Tradition is a large part of most wedding days, but modern couples have found there are places they can insert their own style. When the bride walks down the aisle to her groom, traditional organ music is still in fashion. The couple might want that, or they might simply agree to it as a way to please their families. It does not necessarily mean guests will be musically entertained by organ music as they are seated, and there are plenty of other areas where the couple can add their own flair to the events of their special day.

Before the Ceremony

A great many couples are still married in their local church, and most of them have at least a small organ. It has long been traditional for the couple to make choices from a list of standards provided by the church’s organist, but modern couples often want something a bit different. Outside musicians are now welcome to perform, and many couples opt to have them play their favourite music as the guests arrive for the ceremony. Once the actual wedding begins, the organist will take over. This is a wonderful way to combine tradition with their personal style of music, and it is becoming more popular with today’s couples.

Dancing at the Reception

Weddings today are events that are planned to last at least four or five hours, and entertaining guests can take a great deal of planning. Modern couples can choose a live band, or they can have a disc jockey playing a mix of music. Dancing is a big part of the day after the guests have dined, so it is important to choose just the right entertainment for a large crowd. Many families have members of all ages, so couples must keep in mind that hiring any professional must include music from several different generations.

Musical Choices

For those who want to have an intimate feel to their wedding, music can be the vehicle that helps them set the tone. Even if they hire a band for dancing, they can still find ways to make it more personal. A wedding saxophonist can help them put their personal stamp on the day with a variety of musical styles, and the couple at even the largest wedding will feel they have shared a special moment with their friends and family. Her music will take the guests from feeling they are part of the crowd, and it will make them feel as if they alone are the special guests of the couple.

There are many parts of the wedding day where entertaining the guests are important, but the type of entertainment can vary. Modern couples want to feel their day is one that has traditional elements, but they also have found it is a time to assert their own style. They do not need to compromise on any part of the traditions or style choices they want, and they can satisfy everyone by creating a mixture of the two. It can become a day that lets even the largest wedding crowd be a big part of two people sharing their vows as a new couple.