Memories and Music

Getting married is a time to make sure every person attending the wedding can bring forth their own special memories of the day they were married, or even their children getting married can be what they want to relive. They see it as a time when two people are combining their lives, and they are beginning a journey that will take them far from that day. The couple will bring their love, but they will also have their own memories to bring forth as they join their lives together, so memories and music are key elements that will make their happy day more memorable.

Their Favourite Song

Many couples have a list of musical selections they share, and there are plenty of different associations. Some of the songs they love together could be favourites from childhood they discovered each of them has loved for years. These are the songs that bring back their past, and they give each of them a glimpse of their future with their own children. They might have songs that mark special events from when they met, or they could be from times when they were on dates and deciding if they had any future together at all. These are some of the songs they might want played at their wedding, so beginning a list would be a good idea.

Selecting a Musician

The choice of music for any part of the wedding can be a personal list of songs, but many couples do take the advice of those they hire to play. Selecting a musician today means finding someone they can work with, and Sash is a professional singer willing to learn any of their favourite songs that will enhance their day. She has years of experience as a wedding singer, and she brings her energy and abilities to help make the occasion more special for those who want great memories that are old and new.

Entertaining the Guests

Music is a way to bond people, but it can also be good for entertaining the guests while they wait for various traditional parts of the day to begin. Music played while they wait in the church is often soothing, but it can be comprised of pieces that remind people of their own celebrations of the past. When the bride and groom arrive at the reception, many are eager for them to cut the cake, and the musicians can play dance tunes and old favourites to keep them from noticing the wait as they celebrate with family and friends.

There are many ways music can contribute to any special event, but weddings are often a cut above for the guests and the couple. They might want to hear music from long ago, or they could prefer recent favourites. Each selection will bring back some memories to a guest or participant, and they can make the day more memorable as each activity allows them an opportunity to enjoy the fun. Finding the right musician might take some time, but it will make it all worthwhile.