Modern Wedding Traditions

Couples today do not want to waste a minute of their wedding day, and they often host family members and their closest friends at a wedding breakfast. Some of them might opt for a traditional menu and place settings, but many more are setting up their first meal of the day with the gifts their loved ones have already given them for their wedding. While some of them might not have quite everything they need, most of them are able to make it a memorable time to share a last meal as a single person with those they love.

The Wedding Gifts

It used to be that couples waited until after they were married to use the gifts given to them, but many already have purchased a home. They can display their gifts before the wedding, and they can admire then while write those important thank you notes as they receive presents. Using their gifts is a wonderful way to show those they love how much they appreciate what they have been given, and those lucky enough to have received luxury tableware can be truly thankful as they prepare to host a most memorable breakfast before the wedding ceremony.

The Honeymoon Trip

Some couples have found the unique wedding gifts they have received will definitely help them on their way, and the honeymoon trip might include luggage a thoughtful person sent them. They can pack their clothes in it, but they could also have room to pick up a few mementos from their trip to enjoy once they return home. Being able to spend a week or two on their own is a traditional way for the couple to begin their life together, but being reminded of the loved ones back home is always a pleasure as they haul their new luggage through customs.

An Unforgettable Evening

Setting up a household takes a great deal of work, and couples who have not quite finished before the wedding will be busy after the honeymoon. They might need a few weeks before they are ready to plan their first party, and they might be thinking of what they will need for an unforgettable evening as they unpack their gifts. The guest who gave them luxury scented candles from LDC is sure to be on their minds as they choose just the right space to display these beautiful and whimsical creations. Lighting them as part of the atmosphere for their first party as a couple can bring back wonderful memories of their wedding as they begin creating new ones as a married couple.

There are many traditions that have been modified over the last few decades, and there are many ways couples are finding to incorporate the wedding gifts they have been given before the ceremony takes place. Hosting a wedding day breakfast can now be easier when they already have their own home, and being able to use the gifts they have been given can help make it more special. Even those who have not finished unpacking all their gifts will have an opportunity to use them as soon as they invite loved ones over for their first party as a married couple.