Old and New Wedding Traditions

Many people grow up with the belief that they want a traditional wedding, but some of them find their tastes have changed by the time they find the person who is just right for them. They suddenly see their wedding day in a whole new way, and it changes their ideas on how they want to share their special day. Many of them will take the time to write their own vows, some will favor the traditional vows with modifications, and others will keep the same vows as their parents and grandparents. Each couple’s wedding is designed to be exactly what they want, so mixing old and new wedding traditions has become part of the package.

The Celebration

Getting married has always been a time to enjoy the company of friends and family, and the celebration can be elaborate. Many couples today spend a great deal of money on their wedding, and they often turn it into an extravaganza. They are unwilling to let one moment of their special day pass without recognition of their union, and they celebrate from dawn until the early hours of the next day. Some of the components will be traditional, but others will be events only thought to be added to weddings a few years ago.

The Church Ceremony

Few couples are willing to forego the traditional ceremony held in their particular religion, but many modern church officials have allowed some leeway when it comes to their vows. The bride will generally still walk proudly down the aisle to meet her groom at the altar, but modern weddings allow for the couple to write their own vows that can be combined or used in place of traditional vows. One facet the guests will be happy to note has not changed is the ceremonial kiss the couple enjoys once their vows are completed.

Entertaining Guests

While the wedding ceremony is considered by many to be the most important part of the day, entertaining guests before and after that has become a large part of modern weddings. A couple might host an intimate breakfast complete with a wedding violinist Manchester, or they might fancy the music of Lauren, an electric violinist Manchester, during the meal they will serve their guests after the ceremony is over. Fireworks have become a necessity at many modern weddings, and they are timed to give the guests a break from the dancing until dawn they will all do to celebrate the union of two families.

Modern weddings have many new components, and each couple must decide whether to update their day or keep it traditional. Many of them choose to start with the traditions and add modern touches that make their special day one that helps guests focus on the event. No matter what choices they make, the basic event of uniting two people in a relationship that is meant to last their lifetime is still the goal, and the couple will find there are enough choices to make their special day one their guests will cherish for many years to come.