Uniting Two Families

The bride and groom are the star of the show on their wedding day, but the event is about more than just sharing them taking their vows. While they have decided it is time for them to build a future together, they are also uniting two families into a relationship that will last for the rest of their lives. Their parents will become in-laws, and their siblings will now have a new group of people to add to their list of family. Aunts and uncles will be a large part of the extended family, and many of them look forward to sharing the hopes and joys of the happy couple. Celebrating this day is a family event, and many of them are eager to participate.

Choosing Attendants

The best man and the maid of honour are generally the best friends of the bride and groom, but that still leaves them an opportunity to choose the other attendants for their ceremony. Many couples have found it is a diplomatic decision to include their own siblings, but they also tend to pick the siblings of their future partner. It is a good way to help unite the families in a common goal, and it keeps anyone from feeling left out of the big day. Other friends and relatives can be chosen if there are not quite enough siblings to fill all the attendant roles.

Choosing Colours

When the bride walks down the aisle to her groom, white is the traditional coloured gown she will generally choose. It is often the wedding party that is dressed in the colours the couple has chosen, and it generally means a lot to them when they make their selection. Weddings are a time when symbolism is very important, so they should choose their colors based on what they mean. While there have been many bridesmaids who have not quite appreciated this fact, they do generally remember it is the special day of their friend or relative.

Adding Flowers

The bride and her attendants all carry bouquets down the aisle, and the groom and his attendants will generally sport flowers in their lapels. The choices today are many, and they are often suggested by the florist Harrogate. Modern transportation methods have allowed them to present a large variety of flowers to couples, and HJF can help guide them through the many choices they face today. Wedding flowers Harrogate are an important part of dressing the stage where the couple will be united, and even tossing the bouquet is a big part of the festivities. Choosing the right flowers to make it special will help set the tone for the rest of the event.

Couples over the centuries have had a large role in uniting families, and even modern wedding are about joining two separate families into a long term relationship. Setting the tone for a happy life begins with making everyone feel they are a special part of the day, and there are many ways it can be accomplished. Choosing siblings as attendants is a good way to include them, and choosing just the right colors and flowers to set the stage will make it an event everyone enjoys.